The Designer 

Jean Basse believes that “when a woman puts on a piece of jewelry, it should have the transformative power of uplifting her and elevating no matter what she is wearing.

Jean is interested in the emotions that jewelry illicit and has created a collection with gemstones, powerful shapes and intricate details – all of which culminate into jewelry that she believes will appeal to women on the visceral level.  “As a woman designing for other women, I am intrigued by the way in which different women perceive and connect to the same piece.” Jean explains. For this reason, Jean designs are easy to wear and relatable – yet with a distinctive sensibility in multi-level and dimensional silhouettes that are still pared down and wearable.  Yet they are expressive and are designed to take on the personality of the wearer.

“Whenever I am creating a new collection, I begin with the premise that jewelry should make a woman happy and confident.”  Jean says. She believes that it is in the subtle nuances and intricate elements that create impactful designs to which women can build and add.

 “All of Jean’s themes revolve around her belief that “Less is more and that one great statement piece is all you really need with any outfit.”

Jean is also of the mindset that a woman should mix rather than match her pieces. “Jewelry feels more special and individualistic, if it doesn’t match perfectly.”

“Your jewelry will radiate your energy it will become a part of you.”

“Jewelry is a metaphor for life: the closer you observe, the more you enjoy the details.” – Jean Basse

The Jewelry

Basse Fine Jewelry collections radiate both a distinctive look and effortless everyday style. Designed by Jean Basse and handmade by local artisans, each bracelet, pair of earrings, ring and necklace is a timeless, statement piece. Every item is crafted for longevity—to be as relevant for its wearer today as for its beneficiaries of tomorrow. What’s more, the versatile jewelry offers a seamless transition from day to night, and with it a welcome reprieve from decision-making.

Jean meticulously selects the fine materials for her jewelry designs. She incorporates 14-karat gold and white gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones as well as high-quality diamonds. Her sophisticated creations are fashioned to complement the body in shape and movement to bring out the natural beauty of the women they adorn.

“When a woman puts on a piece of jewelry, it should make her feel uplifted, no matter what she’s wearing.” – Jean Basse

The Philosophy

Less is more. One great statement piece is all you really need with any outfit.

Timeless is everything. Invest in quality jewelry that lasts.

Mixing over matching. Jewelry feels more special if it doesn’t match perfectly.

Everything radiates energy. Including jewelry.

Details, details. Even the smallest nuances can have a big impact on design.

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